Cloud Nothings, Cheatahs, Record Labels and Karmic Stalkers

Cloud Nothings at the Deaf Institute

Cloud Nothings at the Deaf Institute

I’ve been anally retentive about music ever since I properly got into music at the start of my teenage years. Little did I know that my bizarre hunger for knowledge, which included what record labels bands were signed to, would bear fruit. I feel I should say that it bore fruit in the sense of finding great music, not so much in endearing me to the ladies.

From SST records, with Black Flag and The Descendents, to Jade Tree with Jets to Brazil and New End Original, I realised that labels can be measures of brilliance and guarantees of quality.

Never has it been more the case than with Wichita Recordings, which is putting out releases from a staggeringly brilliant array of bands at the moment. There’s the awesome Sky Larkin, Swearin’ and Waxahatchee. Plus another two bands who were worth road-tripping it over to Manchester for, Cloud Nothings and Cheatahs.

Cheatahs at the Deaf Institute

Cheatahs at the Deaf Institute

It’s fair to say that I now understand why Marc Riley keeps going on about the Deaf Institute on 6 Music, as it’s a beautiful and intimate venue. The sound was great – the bands sounded huge, with both Nathan Hewitt’s and Dylan Baldi’s voices crackling with vulnerability at times.

Both bands are expressive musicians, in the sense that they play with an urgency and purpose that comes out in the driven nature of their music rather than a busy live show, but both bands are heavier and scuzzier than on record.

Of course, things must even themselves out. If you’re going to see a blinding live show, then it’s only right that you should end up hanging out with a guy in a curry house who you’ve known for about an hour who says he wants to stay with you forever. Fortunately my mate Jamie (who’s well worth following on Twitter if you’re into hardcore punk) can identify stalkers quicker than I can, and had already negotiated the sit-down meal into a take-away and a taxi ride, while I sat there looking scared/bemused.

So beware seeing too many quality live bands in one place – karma rules.


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