Scriber plays a blinder

Scriber at Gwdihw

Scriber at Gwdihw

With some bands you just get the wrong album at the wrong time. I’d been told many times that I should fall head over heels in love with Conor Oberst‘s Bright Eyes, but when I got around to listening to Lifted it made the Get Up Kids sound like Motley Crue, and I found it too emo even for my post-hardcore sensibilities.

The thoroughly ambitious Digital Ash in a Digital UrnI’m Wide Awake, It’s Morning LPs changed my mind though, and his influence can be seen in a new generation of introspective troubadours.

Scriber, a.k.a. Joshua Price seems to be a musician from the Oberst school of tender melodies and vulnerable vocals. Before his set, we were treated to the Albatross Archive, whose EP I gave a listen to a few weeks back. Their songs are a bit darker live, and they have some great visuals that focus on a young man’s mission to space. Their arrangements are sparse, but the songs sound full, with Richard Jackson’s vocals seemingly referencing both Morrissey (the drawl) and Thom Yorke (the emotion). They’re well worth checking out.

Scriber plays a mix of full and efforts and solo tracks. He delivers an incredible a capella effort (Leave the Light On), which is pretty brave considering the chattering behind the music that takes place in the background of any venue. The song structures give ample space for the vocals and sparse guitar to make the most of the emotive material, which makes for a very touching live show.

In the hunt for some new material to soundtrack the time when your lower lip shakes? Invest in some Scriber.


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