To be or not to be hardcore: Bodyboarding Sountracks and Punk Rock

Extreme sports films have a long history of using great tunes to get the most out of their footage. Punk and surfing properly started getting cosy in Taylor Steele‘s groundbreaking Momentum, which helped to spread SoCal punk. It’s well worth watching this great documentary on 90’s US punk, as narrated by the legend that is Tony Hawk.

When I was 13, my twin brother decided he wanted to surf. So I decided that I would bodyboard, not really knowing what that would mean. Turns out it would mean that I would use it as an excuse to travel to almost any country with a shoreline and to listen to some incredible music.

When I was first getting into bodyboarding the films were poorly edited, so I didn’t watch another until I went to a surf club film night in uni. We ended up watching No Friends‘ Recognize the Enemy, complete with Refused, Jimmy Eat World, Smashing Pumpkins, Aphex Twin, Depeche Mode and The Strokes. And it was Snapcase who opened the door to me to the heaviest side of punk, as did Hatebreed on Roadhouse.

So on Tuesday I ended up at Clwb Ifor Bach to see Deez Nuts, a band with a very elegant name. Elegance only matched by JJ Peters’ support turn with Louis Knuxx, who’s catchiest number was the classily titled ‘Tits’. Deeply intellectual. Which is all a bit of a shame, because behind the rapping was some pretty cool electronic melodies.

But it was TRC who took me back to the days gone by, with a crushingly heavy set. In light of this article for Thrash Hits, maybe it’s a good thing that I couldn’t understand a word that was sung (or screamed). But if the lyrical context is out the window, there’s something visceral about going to a gig where the band sound like they could rip your head off and use it as a football.

So the bands on the bill were the anti-Bob Dylan. Completely non-socially aware but heavy as hell. If your taste in music is all about brutality and you can give or take ethics, then TRC could be right up your street.


About Dyfrig Williams

Music Bendigedig is a blog about the gigs I (Dyfrig Williams) get to go and see. I’m based in Cardiff, so most of the gigs I go to are here, with a few further afield. I don’t aim to be a critic – this is a music fan’s blog, written from that perspective.
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